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12/07/2018 09:13 PM

Bus Shells ready to be converted into....
Luxury Limousine Bus, Party Bus,  Open Top sightseeing Double Decker's,
Emergency Command Post and Specialty Vehicles.

Our Famous Limo-Party Bus

Open Top Double Decker Sightseeing buses

Emergency Command and Specialty Vehicles

MCI 9 Shell ready to be converted
Emergency Command Units

Emergency Command Units
Slide Out Room Additions Available
Very Large Custom deigned and built
Exhibition Van Trailers
Super Jumbo LED TV
  Specialty Heavy Duty Broadcast Vehicles
Luxury Motor Coaches "NIKE"  Show Bus

Bus Chassis before paint
MCI 9 with the new updated 2009 MCI E look with all flat skins.



Eagle Model 20 windows blanked out with 10' x 1/8" panels


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