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09/20/2018 05:38 PM

Suncruiser  Models...
Americas first, Open Top Sightseeing Double Decker Passenger Bus.

    Model 50,                           Model 100,                                      Model 200


What exactly is a Suncruiser Open top Bus?...
We rebuild a good used transit bus from the ground up,
We convert this coach into our classic open top sightseeing buses..

Two price ranges to choose from..
We convert an existing proven extremely heavy duty transit bus,
modify it into our Double Decker Open Top Suncruiser.


We rebuild from the ground up an existing proven extremely heavy duty transit bus,
modify it into our Double Decker Open Top Suncruiser. 

Buses by Gillig,

Gillig Low Floor,                           Gillig, Phantom, Standard floor


Suncruiser,  Model 100,
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Single, upper deck only,
45-50 passengers upstairs only, with large side wall to look like a Double Decker, perfect for large advertising graphics.
Standard Gillig chassis with the floor 32" from ground
We start with a good used Gillig transit Passenger Bus, we remove the existing roof and replace
it with our unique design for a upper deck sightseeing bus for 45 passengers on the Upper deck only,
No downstairs seating, all steel construction, also will kneel down 5"

Gillig, Phantom,
Standard floor height Bus (32')

Gillig, Low floor, Sandard front

Optional Custom Front Ends..

Suncruiser  Model 200,                                                                      Back to Top


See one in use now!!!...

City Sightseeing New Orleans    
using one of these coaches now 


Two full decks, a true Double Decker
Rebuild a 2000 or newer low floor Gillig, all aluminum construction transit Bus
The Floor is 12" from ground and also will kneel down 5"

Upper and Lower Decks...
A true Double Decker

80-90 Passengers

See one in use now!!!...
City Sightseeing New Orleans
using one of these coaches now 

We use 2000 or newer low floor Gillig chassis

Standard Low floor model 200 front end..

Optional front ends

Optional Equipment,
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Rebuild existing engine
Rebuild existing transmission
Rebuild exiting rear end differential
Rebuild existing suspension
Rebuild brakes bearings, bushings and brake shoes
Replace or rebuild brake drums
Replace tires
Replace rims or wheel covers

Dash upgrade

Before After

Touch screen dash units installed in existing dash or a new one

Why do we use GILLIG as our excusive chassis...

The GILLIG Low Floor bus was introduced in the mid 1990’s and it immediately raised the bar for competitors while lowering the floor for transit riders. It started with the experience and performance of the GILLIG Phantom and then incorporated the latest needs, requirements and technologies, to produce one of the best low floor buses of today. It’s more accessible, more serviceable and more reliable, and now it too is called a fleet workhorse with a reputation of excellent customer satisfaction.

The GILLIG Low Floor bus starts with a construction grade stainless steel chassis for strength and corrosion resistance, and adds a patented aluminum body for weight reduction and additional corrosion resistance.  It incorporates clever ideas such as quick change side skirt panels and side impact crash barriers for serviceability and safety, as well as the latest in electronic controls and conveniences to make it into a desirable product that performs reliably and efficiently, day after day.

The Low Floor is available in 30', 35', and 40' lengths and 102" width. It has the widest front aisle and the most wheelchair maneuvering room in the front vestibule for easy and quick entry/exit. A wide stance suspension and an ergonomic driver station pleases both passengers and operators, and large access doors and a logical layout makes the mechanics happy. Altoona tests confirm the Low Floor design to be of the highest reliability, efficiency, serviceability, and performance (e.g. gradeability, fuel economy, quietness, etc.), and explain its strong reputation of customer satisfaction.

The GILLIG Low Floor is available in various configurations such as transit, shuttle, airport and suburban, as well as in variants such as Hybrid and BRT. The Low Floor is the “sliced bread” of transit!


"Not all that counts can be counted "(Albert Einstein)—but you can count on GILLIG.




40 Foot
Low Floor Bus

Overall Length

Turning Radius

Seating Max

Overall Height               





35 Foot
Low Floor Bus

Overall Length

Turning Radius

Seating Max

Overall Height





29 Foot
Low Floor Bus

Overall Length

Turning Radius

Seating Max

Overall Height






Common Features

Overall Width

Front Step Height

Wheel Chair Ramp Size

Front Door Size

Rear Door Size

Optional Rear Doors

Approach/Departure Angle 



31" x 47.5"

40" x 80"

34" x 80"

48" or 56" x 80"

9 degrees

Optional Systems

Engines - Cummins


Transmissions Allison, Voith, ZF
HVAC Thermoking, Carrier
Seating AMSECO, 4ONE, (Freedman/USSC)
Signs Twin Vision, Luminator
Annunciators Digital Recorders, Luminator, Clever Devices
Security Cameras GE Interlogics, REI, Safty Vision
Other IVS Siemans, Init, Orbital/TMS

Construction of Double Decker on a
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2000 all aluminum  low floor Gillig transit bus

This is a Promotional unit and has no windows

Prepping for delivery


Suncruiser, Model 50                                                         Back to Top

Parades or Sightseeing ....This unique coach is it!!...

Standard 47-49 Passenger MCI 9 bus with or without bathroom modified to be a Open Top Suncruiser,
single level sightseeing bus ,..
They Run and drive great !!!

Top was removed and chassis was reinforced and braced,..
This is a fair weather bus and has not been conditioned for fowl weather at this time.
The most budget minded way to start a touring or parade float chassis ..
Dark brown hand rail can be trimmed in stainless steel or repainted to match customers request.


1982-87 MCI 9
6V92 Detroit Diesel Engine
4 speed Automatic Allison 740 transmission
47-49 seats
96" wide
40' Long
10' 9" High
With or without bathroom

Optional, Driver air ride seat...


This one sold, but we are starting the next one now...


This means we can help your budget by choosing a different bus
either , newer or older, your preference of price.

Demo unit shown




Sliding convertible roof
    (This is not one of our buses but does show the style top we offer)
Convertible roof cover


Weather resistant seating
weather resistant interior with floor drains

Weather resistant Seating
Weather resistant Interior


Specialty Graphics or Painting
(showing  our model 200)
Specialty Graphics or Painting



Optional, Driver air ride seat...


For more information
call 610-767-8000
Ask for sales

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