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12/07/2018 09:18:58 PM

Not open to the public,
This page for Vendor communications only ..

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Liftco Bunk Discussions

Stripped Futurliner

Peter Pan Restored Futurliner


Liftco Bunks,

Bitner Order,

Model 9600-13
24" Fold up Bunk Bed


1 2 3

1 2 3 4

1 2

1 2 3








Dissembling a GM Futurliner for restoration.


Note the driver cab over where the engine goes.



Starting to rebuild side walls

Rear opening for the stairway going out through rear bumper                                             Back to Top
Note the wheel well cover Boxes



Great Finished pictures of the Peter Pan Restored Futurliner                                   Back to Top


                                   Back to Top

Inside Pictures,

Facing front Bumper
                                   Back to Top

Facing to the rear bumper and rear stairway


                                   Back to Top

Upstairs and  Driver entrance

Front end maintenance door                                                                                   Back to Top





                                                                       Back to Top









Other vendor information



MCI 9 or MCI 102A
Tag axle repair tom I have a customer that needs another bushing on his rear tag axel on a 1984 MCI 9 ,...
do you have another used Brass bushing like this one ...
I have several but they are too expensive new and I want to keep mine..


 Badly worn out brass bushing




Radius Rod Bushings




Air Bag pulled out


Factory Transformers

Row One behind warehouse
3- units


Row two

Row three

Row four


Single, 1500 KVA
Large one in rear of property

Roof damage leaks in flea market and main warehouse                                    Back to Top

Antiques Room 2 (larger room)
Our vendors to do not cover their stands except for leaks.
Note ceiling tarps, portable totes everywhere, up on walls and on the floor when it rains

                                   Back to Top

Big ceiling tarp over antique area

Leaking roof over coolers
                                   Back to Top

Huge tarp over the Antiques Auction in the pit

antique vendor with tarp and tote over his space..
                                   Back to Top

Room 1,... Main entrance...
Looking towards large auction room
several spaces now leaking

leaks, we keep a buggy there so we an move it when it rains

Room 2 in front of large main auction room
Complete wall leaks one large vendor moved out ,...had enough
                                   Back to Top

Large Auction room  tarps all over

ceiling falling down
                                   Back to Top

middle of the main warehouse ceiling coming down

                                   Back to Top


The back area behind the flea market
Upholstery shop


Behind the upholstery shop, storage and  flea market expansion area
was cabinet shop but had to move it...

                                   Back to Top


                                   Back to Top

part of the old cabinet shop we had to move


winter winds peeled back a corner of the roof over the pit auction area.


                                   Back to Top


North end, Parts of the roof down room behind fiberglass whop

Starting to tear roof down,
North end Engineering offices upstairs


Parts we are trying to use..



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