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11/15/2011 09:03 PM

Be careful !!!..
Some motor home chassis modified into sightseeing
Double Decker buses can be grossly over weight ..

Gross Vehicle Weight or GVW,
Sometimes referred to as GVWR, or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 
Is the maximum amount of weight that can or should ever be safely loaded on this vehicle .
It is the maximum amount your vehicles can weigh including passengers and cargo

Motor Home chassis
These are Double Decker's using a motor home chassis and are 31,000.lbs GVW with all weight up high

Transit Buses,
An average transit bus GVW is 38,000.lbs

Motor Coaches,

Large Over the road Coaches with luggage bays can go as high as 50.000.lbs

Duty Cycle,
 A duty cycle is simply described as the amount of time of usage during a given time
in these cases within a year .

The average Motor home is usually 20% Duty Cycle
A Transit bus is usually 90%
Over the road coaches are usually 90%

These are great looking buses,
But they are not real buses.
They are a light duty Motor home chassis with a 20% duty cycle rating with a large structure
added on top of the frame to make it appear to be a Factory Double Decker bus.

This chassis can be easily overloaded and top heavy !


Note :
This bus is very hollow below...
There is no weight to speak of downstairs. With 40 people on the top deck ..
This naturally becomes top heavy

Upper deck with plywood floors

Note the seats bolted through plywood in this ceiling image


One touring company had to take some of their buses off the road and have them upgraded to a heaver rating to be safe .

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