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09/29/2018 11:39 AM

MCI Air Suspension,
Air Bags, Air Bag Plating and Radius Rod Bushings Upgrade

On this page:
What is air bag plating?
Air spring Plate retrofit kit by MCI Coach Guard MCI

Mohawk air spring Plate adapter kits
Restoring Antique Greyhound Scenicruiser, Plates
Removing Tag axles
Radius Rod Bushings

MCI 9 Parts Manual, Air suspension :
MCI 9 Front Air Suspension Page No 12.0101
MCI 9 Rear Air suspension  Page No 12.0301
MCI 9 Rear Drive Axle Parts Page No 12.0304
MCI 9 Radius Rod  part numbers

MCI 102 Parts Manual, Air suspension :
MCI 102 Front Air Suspension Parts Page No 12-102
MCI 102 Rear  Air Suspension Parts Page No 12-201

MCI 9 with Convoluted air springs or air frame
MCI 9 with Rolling Lobe style air springs with plates, air frame bypassed

MCI Air Beam or Air Frame suspension
MCI 102, No air Frame, Note air line connection is visible
MCI102, Tag Axle, Radius Rod, Single Air Bag

Air Bag Bottom plate suspension
Air Beam from the Mechanics view

Air line leading to top plate inlet




   Air Bag plating

MCI 9 Air Suspension parts page,
4 front convoluted air bags

MCI 9 Air suspension parts page,
2 rolling Lobe new style  front bags 
MCI 9 Radius Rods,
Rod bushings parts page

What is air bag plating ?      MC9 AIR SUSPENSION RETRO-FIT KIT                Back to top

Do you have leaky MCI 8-9 Air Beam problems? COACH GUARD rolling lobe Air Springs Kits are designed to retro-fit your MCI 8-9 coaches. These newly designed rolling lobe air springs will enhance ride performance of antiquated double-convolute bags utilizing block-off plates. Easy installation at an affordable price; everything you've come to expect from the leader in the coach after-market.


  • COACH GUARD kits replace old style double convolute bellows with new rolling lobe bellows

  • Rolling Lobe air springs aid ride performance when air beams are no longer an option

  • Front kit includes 10" bellows, increasing air volume and ride performance when compared to competitors

  • Rear air spring comes with an internal bumper that controls the rest height at 5.1"

  • Front air spring comes with an internal bumper that controls rest height at 4.5"

  • Fully crimped design

  • Kit comes complete with four bags to retrofit each axle; instructions; and hardware (no air brake hoses)

  • Replacement bags available for both kits





Front Air Spring Kit

All MCI 5-9 front axles w/air beam


Font replacement spring



Rear Air Spring Kit

All MCI 5-9 rear axles w/air beam


Rear replacement spring





Mohawk Bus Parts

Mohawk Air Spring Adapter Kits                                                    Back to top

  • A solution to leaking air bags that is easier and less costly than welding the air beams.

  • Features quality components such as Goodyear rolling lobe-style air springs.

  • Duplicated the ride characteristics of the original double convolute-type bellows
    while eliminating the need for the air beam reservoir.

  • Impregnated and anodized plate for maximum leak and corrosion protection.

  • Easy bolt-on installation.

  • Adapter plates use existing bead ring holes.

  • Available for front and rear.

    part numbers 12C-1-36-A and 12C-3-52-A



MCI 8-9 Convoluted Bag

New Rolling Lobe Style
MCI 102 Air Bag

 Rolling lobe style with plate,
note air line connection

Soft ride but only if
air frame is intact

Much softer ride
without airframe

Plate on top to
seal off air frame opening



Free PDF Download of
MCI 9 Manual

    MCI 9, Maintenance manual  
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Operators Manuals PDF



MCI 9 Parts Manual,...

Partial Sections out of the MCI 9   Parts Manual

MCI9 Section 3,    Body Parts, outside skins
MCI9 Rear,     Rear Bumper 

Air SUspension
MCI9 Section 12,    Front  4- Bag Air suspension Page 12-101
MCI9 Section 12,    Rear Suspension  pg12-0301

MCI9 Section 12,    Rear Suspension  pg12-0304
MCI9 Section 4,      Parts ID-Air Controls Guide

More information and images on MCI Suspension Parts

If you need more just email us or call and we can upload the section you need.

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Free Advice Hotline 
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More pictures and information,

MCI Air Beam or Air Frame suspension                                                       Back to top

MCI 9,1982 MCI 9 
Convoluted air springs with air frame,
Air moves from air bag to steel box frame and back creating a softer ride. If frame leaks bus leans.
By plating the top of the bag and filling air at top you can bypass the Air Beam .
However, You must make sure you use the correct air bag replacement or the bus will ride like a truck .

MCI 9 with rolling lobe air springs with plates,  Heavy box steel Air frame bypassed                   Back to top
New style top plated air springs bypass the leak prone air frame with a  softer air bag and and creates a better ride.
If you ever plate your air suspension system don't forget to make sure you change out to the softer air bags too
If you replace with the same air bag the bus will ride like a dump truck .
                Front 2-bags                                                                         Rear 4 bags

MCI 102,                                                                                                     Back to top
No air frame, note air line connection to air bags are visible


MCI 102,                                                                                                   Back to top
No air frame, note air line connection to air bags are visible 

Rear  Right                                        Rear Left

MCI 102,                                                                                          Back to top
Tag axel, radius rod, single air bag

Restoring an Antique 1954 GMC4501 Greyhound Scenicruiser           Back to top

Images of removing rear air suspension..
Note the Air spring plating and rust holes causing the air beam-frame to fail as part of the air suspension .
Rusted holes cause the system to fail and the bus will lean

Air line leading to the top plate on the bag             Back to top


Air beam from the mechanics point of view            Back to top

Air Bag  bottom suspension plate.          Back to top

Back to top


Radius Rod and Radius Rod Bushings                                Back to top
This is off a MCI 9 and GMC PD4501 Bus

Radius Rod Bushings, Solid rubber, Rubber with steel sleeve, solid neoprene
Back to top


Removing Tag axle from 1980 MCI9 with both spindles and replacing with a better newer 1995 used one.

Tag Axle, Bronze Bushing, In bus  Back to top

Tag axle Bronze Bushing, Part


Rolling lobe air bags



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