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07/02/2018 10:55 AM        

Introducing a real,
American made, Double Decker, Open Top Sightseeing Coach,
... called the "Suncruiser"


Designed around safety and stability by modifying a proven successful Transit bus...
"Not homemade from a motor home chassis "

"Our Design Challenge,"                                                                                             
 Can we design a commercial Double Decker sightseeing bus  that will  carry 40-50 people upstairs but yet let
some sit downstairs too,...  Just like the true European open top Double Decker buses that cost over $600.000 new.

How about less than $250,000. by using a new concept on a proven Bus.
What is a rebuilt Coach ?
Our units VS Others
Our units Versus a Motor Home chassis that looks like an Open top
What is a duty Cycle or GVW?
Motor home chassis can be easily over loaded and Top Heavy ..

New Alexander Dennis starting $600,000 each
Our units Starting at $150,000.
Our deluxe model is a true Double Decker

A Neoplan 60'Double Decker

Over the past 50  years transit buses have been the back bone of local transportation.
They build the toughest bus out there ....We use that same proven technology in a Transit Bus.
It's designed for this type of heavy duty use 

Suncruiser Models 
      Model 50,                    Model 100,               Model 200,            Custom Work

Model 050 Model 100, Model 200,   Custom Models
Standard Floor Standard Floor Low floor  
Ready for the road today Coaches on the road today Suncruiser model 200
True Double Decker Bus
on a Gillig low floor chassis
NIKE, Show Bus
  Gillig Phantom Series    


Model 050 Suncruiser model 100
Upper deck only
Gillig Suburban Gillig Trolley
New Style front end available      
Optional front Optional front Optional front, Model 200  

More technical information on 50, 100 and 200 models

We specialize in designing and building higher end luxury Double Decker Coaches.
Ten years ago we wanted to create a Double Decker open top sight seeing bus for the tourist market place.
It had to be built with durability and high quality but yet have low maintenance

We prototyped different chassis but were convinced there was only one way to go Ö
Our concept has always been quality but with a budget in mind ..

We Offer two models to work with,                                                                             Top of Page

                                                                                                                          Top of Page
This is a Open top Double Decker with a lower roof design seating passengers for upstairs only ..
No seating below.

                                                                                                                                Top of Page
The next model is a true Open Top Double Decker with two usable decks .
                  Top of Page
Our coach is a modified transit bus designed to carry 50 people and will seat some passengers downstairs in the event of rain .
This coach was designed around safety and has a very low center of gravity.
It was built to be used for many years with a light maintenance budget.

These buses are heavily built and are great candidates for our rebuilding process.

What is a Rebuilt Coach ?
We remove, rebuild and replace all working drive train components. 
                             Top of Page
Rebuild and install the more popular engines, transmissions, rear ends for that coach .

Brakes, bearings, bushings, the complete  braking system, and the air suspension is rebuilt too .

This bus when finished will drive and ride as a new one because thatís what reconditioning is.
We take everything wearable and replace it with new or reconditioned components.  


Our Units, Versus a modified Motor Home chassis,                                                      Top of Page
We looked into new motor home chassis as others have. 
However, we really felt there is nothing better than a transit passenger bus for safety.

 RV Motor homes are designed to be used on a part time basis but yet there are companies
building these coaches on this same chassis. They never last long and are plagued with maintenance issues
within the second year .


A motor home chassis is too light and the duty cycle is too short to be used as a commercial Double Decker .
A Bus Chassis will give you hundreds of thousands of miles of good service. See this page about buying Commercial a bus ???

A light duty motor home chassis is designed around 100,000 miles then itís replaced.

Some companies have used this Motor home chassis only to find themselves with an overweight issue with a factory recall.

In one case, the City of New York required one company to park some vehicles until they could be upgraded.
They were brand new but not designed properly.

Below are images of our Destination Sign model ..
The next model will be Without the Sign.

Model 200, Neoplan


Line Drawing                                                                                                                                         Top of Page



Imported higher end Passenger Coaches with heavy maintenance   

New, These sell for over $600,000. With a roof

Imported used ones with higher import mechanical maintenance

Professional Open Top Double Decker's
Alexander Dennis

Motor Home chassis's made up to look like a professional Double Decker               Top of Page

Our competitors Motor home chassis models
If it's a MH Frame converted, make sure the upper floor is as tight as the roof was.
Most converted roofs are simple plywood ...we use welded sheet steel.
                                                                                                Top of Page
These are very light motor home chassis,.. 31,000lbs GVW.
These  buses can easily overloaded.
Plus it is a 20-30% duty cycle Motor Home Chassis

What is GVWR? and what does Duty Cycle mean

Other Buses that are similar but have their Do's and Don'ts

Alexander Dennis Open Top Doubled Decker's


Open top Double Decker's 

Alexander Dennis 14' Standard Double Decker
Los Vegas just received over 200 units 

A Neoplan 60' Articulated - Double Decker

Standard is 60' in length, we stretch this unit to 70'





Remember :  OpenTopCruiser.com

Contact :     610-767-8000    

Need Help??
Call our Free Advice Hotline


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