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What Do I Do Now!


07/02/2018 10:58 AM

      What DO I DO Now ?    
If you are still researching to buy a bus soon, Look at  "Buying a MCI Bus" for more information on MCI buses             

Below are a list of suggestions to help guide you 
after you have purchased your first Bus,..........

Also, we have included links to construction images of a few past and present coaches under construction too.
We do offer discounts on larger packages..   

                                                  Call our free advice Hotline 
Stripping the BUS

Don't forget, Cut your MAIN Battery switch off !!!...
If you don't and you leave a luggage bay door open for over  5-6 hours you could destroy your batteries ...
They are not DEEP Cycle Batteries.

*Remove seats
*Strip interior walls, ceilings
*Remove A/C Ducting beneath windows
*Take down & remove overhead luggage racks
*Remove bathroom
*Remove windows and window frames  
   Average shop price :   MCI 9, $1.500.    MCI 102  $500.  (different style windows)



Now, Start building 
  Prices are more of a suggestive budget to go by..... We also offer discounts on larger packages..

* Blank out window openings to create new wall, ($7,000. in one piece units),     Using Standard 4'x10'x 1/8" Aluminum  panels


* Insulating Foam board with spray foam 3-1/2" layers, sealed in corners wit liquid foam


* Plywood paneling $3,000.   see work under construction


* Plumbing package Complete  includes functioning bathroom-shower when finished


* Plumbing parts      Holding tanks


* Electrical Main wiring package, 50amp panel, 20amp inverter panel with 12Volt  fuse panel


* 50 Amp 220 volt 2 leg (2-120v) system,.


* Inverter wiring package    All battery DC Cables, Wiring, Main Fuses and switches


* Inverter     


* Batteries -10 approximately $75.each at Sams Club 10 X $75.ea =


* Generator 12KW, Kubota  Diesel with Quite pack sound enclosure to fit a bus, Plus installation


* Install Generator  Installation, fuel lines, battery cables, exhaust system, cooling air ducting


* Heating Electric,    Toe kick, 3-15,000 BTU's heaters each at $400.ea. =


* Heating –gas   Pick from selection


* Heating - Diesel airtop3500  Webasto   22,000 BTU unit                installed


* Cooling  Wall thermostats, low profile, heat strip,14,000 BTU, installed


* RV windows  Dbl Pane, T-slider design, heavy duty, dark tint $550. each X7 =


* Install single salon entrance door


* MCI Hitch





* Interior   Depending on taste     $10,000. to $100,000.


* Interior "Galley" Cabinet Kit now available


* Along with Cabinetry in process of installing in other coaches




* Model: 3336
* This is a coach we did and has over 300 small thumbnails




*MCI 9 “E” model front end Installed   is  


* Rear cap with new turn signals


* Flat skins



Structural Changes


* Raise  Roof    8"-12"  Incudes window Blank outs, two caps


* Stretch to 45'                              


* MCI "E" or "G" Upgrades Installed



12 Volt headlight wiring with 24 volt on a MCI Bus



MCI 9 Stripped out Curb Weight...
With seats out completely empty and 60 gal of fuel
A 1981 MCI 9 weighs 24,686
 The GVW is still 36,500


 Other company websites




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