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09/29/2018 11:20 AM

Rebuilders of Commercial Passenger Buses, ...
Specializing in MCI,  Gillig and Neoplan Coaches,

Designers and builders of Specialty Vehicles as in :
The Suncruiser Double Decker, Emergency Command Stations, Limousine Buses, Medical units,
Film Production Equipment and the Private Motor Coach industry

Our  Limo Bus

This site has a few of our current projects we are working on so please scroll through the website to see if
we can assist you in your research ..


More information and images on MCI Suspension Parts

Free PDF Download of
MCI 9 Manual

    MCI 9, Maintenance manual  
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Operators Manuals PDF

MCI 9 Parts Manual,...


Partial Sections out of the MCI 9   Parts Manual

MCI9 Section 3,    Body Parts, outside skins
MCI9 Rear,     Rear Bumper 

Air SUspension
MCI9 Section 12,    Front  4- Bag Air suspension Page 12-101
MCI9 Section 12,    Rear Suspension  pg12-0301

MCI9 Section 12,    Rear Suspension  pg12-0304
MCI9 Section 4,      Parts ID-Air Controls Guide

More information and images on MCI Suspension Parts

If you need more just email us or call and we can upload the section you need.

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See our video clip from the
Travel Channel TV Show
"Super Bus Make Overs"

This is the coach built during that show....

See our new Suncruiser

MCI 96 A-2 For Sale

"See our new Online  RV Catalog "


MCI 96 A-2 For Sale



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Some of our latest projects, Images of other past coaches under construction


Our Specialty Coaches, Limo buses , Double Decker sightseeing buses


Double Decker Sightseeing coach "The Suncruiser"


We design our own slide out units for all class of applications at 1/3 less


RV Parts catalog       -See Our 900 page Online -


Our party and Limo Buses


Our Luxury Coaches


Higher End Luxury Double Decker Coaches                 









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